Otto Resource is a digital design archive, research facility, and fully integrated ecosystem for futureproof design discovery. Analyzing fashion products and subcultural phenomena from the last half-century, each study aims to provide unparalleled technical insight, a clarification of socio-cultural impact, and lessons for how designers can reapply these learnings in modern society.

Cultural Theory; Archive Retrospective
Adam Barnard in Conversation with Jörg Haas
Cultural Theory; Archive Retrospective
The Role of Skatewear in (Sub)cultural Education
OR–TEX021Ross Resin Nylon
100% Polyamide
Functional Properties
Low Breathability
High Light Fastness
Low Wind Resistance
OR–TEX001Kashif Wool
100% Virgin Wool
Functional Properties
Low to Medium Breathability
High Insulation
Medium to High Wind Resistance
Low to Medium Water Repellancy
Medium to High Elasticity
OR–TEX016Advance Crinkle Nylon
58% Polyamide, 42% Polyester
Functional Properties
Medium to High Breathability
Medium to High Light Fastness
Medium Recovery
Otto Resource for Beinghunted.
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